Tadé Ayeni, EdD

CEO, Founder

Dr. Ayeni currently serves as the Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion as well as Assistant Professor of Medical Sciences at a school of medicine in the Northeast United States. He is also the host of 'The Black Professional' podcast. He has several years of experience in teaching about the implementation of diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice concepts at the collegiate and graduate levels. He also has a wealth of experience in overseeing projects that result in both organizational growth and advancement of DEI principles. Additionally, he has been a presenter at international conferences, and served on various executive-level organizational committees.

Victoria Mairena Ramirez, BA

Director of Interpretation & Administrative Services

Ms. Mairena-Ramirez has a varied background in early childhood education, languages, and administrative services. She speaks a total of 4 languages and oversees interpretation services and client bookings.

Adepéju Thompson, MSA

Director of Accounting

Ms. Thompson has experience in private, federal, and international accounting. As the Director of Accounting, she oversees contracts, negotiations, and accounting.


Eniola Teju Ayeni-Sylvester, DO

Chief Medical Advisor

Dr. Ayeni-Sylvester is a physician specializing in Family Practice Medicine. She is also the Director of Integrative Health at a hospital system in New York City. She provides her expertise when Beyond Performative works with clients in the public health sector.